As CANiK®, while conducting our business in line with our mission and vision, we are committed to acting in accordance with the following values and ethical principles:

Trust: As a company that, first and foremost, designs and manufactures service pistols for law enforcement and the military, we are well aware that human lives and the successful execution of missions ensuring public order and national security, may rely on our handguns. Therefore, we manufacture our products to the highest standards so they can always be trusted to perform even in the most challenging circumstances

​​Integrity: Because the trust of our customers in our products is our utmost priority when we put our pistols, accessories, and other services on the market, we make sure that they will always perform as they have been advertised. In very exceptional cases where our products and services do not satisfy our customers’ expectations, we take all the necessary steps according to our responsibility to protect the trust placed in our company.

 Ease of use: Our product designs and manufacturing materials reflect our state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.  Still, we would never allow these technological developments to make our products so complicated as to render them hard to use and maintain. In fact, we will always use the state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to produce operator friendly and efficient handguns.