CANiK proudly announces the debut of “SFx Rival”! Be ready to meet your “Rival”

Canik Superior Firearms is excited to announce brand new competition pistol SFx Rival. The newest generation of competition pistol SFX Rival that is equal or better than anything used in the world of competitive sports shooting, gets its name from giving the user a solid advantage to win! With this in mind, the name was soon apparent, this firearm was undoubtedly the “RIVAL”. No other name could express the design as clearly, a superior model that can challenge all other pistols has now entered the stage. Tactical and competitive shooters will soon have the opportunity to discover this new competition pistol SFX Rival, which has gained a great appreciation and interest from professionals. As it is known, the first country to meet SFx RIVAL was France in July. Canik's new competition pistol, which will be on sale in the whole European Union and Turkey as of August, takes the competition to the next level.

Stating that SFx Rival, the new product of the CANiK family, has an aggressive design which is identified with the spirit of competition, SYS General Manager C. Utku Aral declared, “With the design of our pistol, we aimed to increase the confidence and motivation of the users. Special cutouts on the slider add a strong look to our pistol while providing an effective surface area for both gloved and bare-handed shooters to pull the cap. The fluted barrel, on the other hand, reinforces this appearance. With SFx Rival, we will take the competition to the next level in the field of sportive shooting and competition.”

The features of the SFx Rival far exceed the basic competition pistol details. Specifically designed to edge out the competitors like an improved beavertail, aggressive front slide serrations, deeper trigger guard angle, a new holster fit-and-lock (HFL) feature, and the new self-flared mag well frame design. With the new frame design equipped with the adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic front sight set, the target acquisition of the pistol is drastically increased. The SFx RIVAL features a modular framework that allows for easy disassembly of the firearm.
Combined with the technical advantages, the user can disassemble SFx Rival down to its smallest parts and then reassemble it using just the CANiK punch tool. CANiK continues to use the world’s most advanced technology in trigger design to develop the SFx RIVAL’s diamond-cut, 90° angle, lightened aluminum trigger which along with shortened preset and reset distance increases speed and accuracy.
In addition to all these technical improvements, aesthetic concerns were also taken into account in the design of RİVAL with a one of a kind coating color named Canik Rival Grey, created by Cerakote exclusively for Canik applied to the frame and slide and H122 gold on the trigger, magazine release catch, magazine base plate, mag-well, and slide stop lever, this firearm is sure to be a show stopper on any range. With these features and its 127 mm barrel, the SFx RIVAL can participate in competitions organized by IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA without any restrictions.
What's in the special box?
The SFx Rival is offered in a very special box containing different components. The highlights of the box are:
• 1 SFx RIVAL pistol
• 2 x 18 cartridge magazines
• 2 aluminum magazine bottom covers (+0 capacity)
• Aluminum magazine funnel
• Competition holster
• Quick magazine reloader
• 3 different sizes of backstrap
• CANiK toolbox
• CANiK Staple

Specific details regarding the SFx Rival will be distributed by the official communication channels of CANiK. Be ready to meet your rival!


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