Introducing the CANiK M3, the ultimate 12.7x99mm (.50) caliber machine gun tailored to the demands of the modern battlefield, where the agility and speed of mechanized and air mobile units have evolved over the last 40 years. In line with the distinguished lineage of CANiK Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs), the M3 exhibits exceptional endurance with a barrel life of around 15,000 rounds and remarkable accuracy, boasting 6 MOA at 100m.

What sets the CANiK M3 apart from other HMGs is its deliberate design to achieve an exceptionally high rate of fire, ranging from 1100 to 1200 rpm. This capability ensures the delivery of instantaneous and precise volume of fire on the target, making it an ideal choice for crew-served door guns on utility and special forces' helicopters. Additionally, the M3 finds its place in gun pods for light attack aircraft and helicopters. In versatile applications, depending on operational conditions and threat levels, it becomes the optimal choice for arming Remote Controlled Weapons Stations on Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Unmanned Surface Vehicles.

The CANiK M3 embodies the pinnacle of firepower, combining enduring reliability, pinpoint accuracy, and an impressive rate of fire. As with all CANiK innovations, it stands as a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the evolving needs of modern warfare.
CALIBER12.7 mm (50 cal.)
Type of Ammunition to be used12.7 x 99 Standard NATO
Weight of Complete Gun (Without Feed Chutes and Tripod Adaptor)33.4 kg (Values may vary based on configurations)
Weight of Barrel Assembly
Length of Gun1460 mm (Values may vary based on flash hider)
Length of Barrel Assembly
Method of Operation
Firing ModeFull Automatic
Muzzle Velocity900 m/s (Changes according to Type of Ammunition)
Rate of Fire1100-1200 RPM
Maximum Effective Range1.830 m
Maximum Range6.800 m
Barrel LifeMin. 15.000 rounds
Accuracy18 cm/100 m ( 6 MOA )
Recoil force18,5 kN (± 1,5 kN.)

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