•    28mm elegant design
•    Tritium sight set
•    Easy to install
•    New design, extra comfortable, improved beavertail
•    Angled rear edge for emergency one-hand racking
•    Optical mount that can be used with the sight
•    Double sided and low profile easy to disassemble slide stop lever
•    Single point white front sight and black flat sight sight set
•    Aggressive new front and rear slide serrations
•    New trigger guard for a more effective grip
•    Reversible magazine lock
•    Includes a hard case,  magazine E-Z loader, Speed mag-well, extra back strap, reversible IWB/OWB holster, Canik punch and toolkit, cleaning kit, gun lock(only in US), and user manual
•    1 x 12 and 1 x 15 capacity magazine
Mete SeriesMETE MC9 TAC
CALIBER9mm12 Rounds
METE MC9 TAC - The Ultimate Threaded Barrel Micro Compact Handgun

Introducing the METE MC9 TAC, the newest addition to our METE series, offering an unparalleled experience in the world of micro compact handguns. Building upon the exceptional qualities of the METE Series, the METE MC9 TAC sets a new standard in the Micro Compact segment with its cutting-edge design and enhanced features.

Threaded Barrel for Enhanced Versatility: The METE MC9 TAC comes equipped with a threaded barrel, providing the versatility to attach various muzzle devices, making it perfect for those who seek customization and improved performance.

Trityum Sights for Low-Light Precision: Featuring high-visibility tritium sights, the METE MC9 TAC ensures accuracy in low-light conditions, offering peace of mind and confidence when it matters most.

Modular Design for Easy Maintenance: Just like its predecessor, the METE MC9 TAC boasts a fully modular design. It can be disassembled quickly and efficiently, allowing you to maintain and customize every aspect, including the trigger group, with ease.

Co-Witness Capability: The METE MC9 TAC offers a "co-witness" feature, allowing you to use both optical sights and classic iron sights simultaneously. This feature enhances your target acquisition, making it quick and effortless.

High-Capacity Magazine: Continuing the METE tradition, the METE MC9 TAC comes with a high-capacity magazine, providing you with ample rounds, all in a remarkably slim and ergonomic package.

Micro Compact Design: With its ultra-thin 28mm special design, the METE MC9 TAC redefines what a micro compact handgun can be. It's the perfect balance of power and portability.

Unleash Your Potential with the METE MC9 TAC

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the world of handguns, the METE MC9 TAC is designed to meet your needs. It offers the reliability, precision, and adaptability that you expect from a METE firearm. Join the METE family and elevate your shooting experience with the METE MC9 TAC.

METE MC9 TAC is available in 96,5 mm barrel lengths. 
Discover the METE MC9 TAC today and experience the future of compact handguns.
METE SF 15 rounds NA * 182 mm 7.17” 133,5 mm 5.26” 37 mm 1.46” 103,5 mm 4.08” 745 gr 26,28oz * Slide Stop, Magazine Catch
TP9 SF METE-S 15 rounds NA * 182 mm 7.17” 133,5 mm 5.26” 37 mm 1.46” 103,5 mm 4.08” 745 gr 26,28oz * Slide Stop, Magazine Catch, Manuel Safety
METE SFx 18-20 rounds NA * 210,5 mm 8.29” 145mm 5.70” 36mm 1,41” 132mm 5,2” 832g 0.14oz * Slide Stop Lever, Magazine Catch
METE SFT 18-20 rounds NA * 192mm 7,56” 145mm 5,70” 36mm 1,41” 113.5mm 4.46" 789g 0.14oz * Slide Stop Lever, Magazine Catch
METE SFT PRO 18-20 Rounds NA 206,5 mm 8.12" 146 mm 5.74" 38 mm 1.5" 127mm 5.0" 828 g 1.82 lb
METE SFx PRO 18-20 Rounds NA 225,5 mm 8.87" 146 mm 5.74" 38 mm 1.5" 146 mm 5.74" 876 g 1.88 lb
METE MC9 12 Rounds NA 155mm 6.1" 115mm 4.52" (w /12rds empty mag.) 28.5mm 1.12" 81 mm 3.18" 603 gr ±4 gr (w /12rds empty mag.) 21.27 oz. ±0.14 oz. (w /12rds empty mag.)
METE MC9 TAC 12 Rounds NA 171mm 6.73" 138mm 5,43" (w /12rds empty mag.) 28.5mm 1.12" 96,5mm 3.8" 618 gr ±4 gr (w /12rds empty mag.) 21.8 oz. ±0.14 oz. (w /12rds empty mag.)
METE SC 12-15 rounds N/A 170mm 6.70” 127mm 5.00” 36mm 1.41” 91.5mm 3.60” 708gr 25oz

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