• Short reset 90°  Polymer trigger design with nickel-coated action components
  • Chrome plated fluted threaded barrel
  • Tritium front sight and blacked-out rear sights
  • NEW Holster Fit-and-Lock (HFL) for retention holster
  • NEW Easy In/Easy out push pins and modular disassembly
  • NEW Ergonomically redesigned beavertail
  • NEW Integrated flared mag-well
  • NEW Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-hand operation
  • NEW Co-Witness optics ready slide cut
  • NEW Optics-ready slide accept the the Trijicon RMRcc and Shielfd RMS/RMSc footprint micro optics
  • NEW Low profile ambidextrous slide stop release for easier engagement during competition
  • Aggressive front grip serrations
  • 1913 Picatinny under-barrel rail
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Side reversible magazine catch with additional sizes of release buttons and alternate backstraps for a custom fit
  • Includes a hard case, two standard capacity magazines, magazine E-Z loader, Speed mag-well, extra back strap, two optics bases, reversible IWB/OWB holster, CANiK punch and toolkit, cleaning kit, gun lock, and manual Includes one 20 round and one 18 round magazine
Mete SeriesMETE SFx PRO
CALIBER9mm18-20 Rounds
METE SFx PRO has the superior technology and new features of the new METE series. The beavertail, whose ergonomics has been increased with the renewed frame design of the new METE series, allows you to grip the gun more comfortably, while the trigger guard allows your support hand to grip it very well. One of the features brought by the new design of the pistol is the "Fit and Lock" feature that makes it easier to lock the holster. Therefore, the new METE series can be used more effectively with appropriately designed holster. Another noticeable feature of the new frame design is that it has a completely modular frame design. In addition, the pistol can be easily disassemble without the need for any extra materials other than the CANiK punch that comes with your pistol. This practical and useful feature is provided by the new design of the 36 mm double-sided slide holder. The new frame design with a self-flared magwell allows the shooter to change the magazine faster split time makes a difference.The legendary CANiK trigger is available in a polymer with 90⁰ break. Like all METE series pistols, the METE SFx PRO is equipped with an angled sight that makes it easy to rackign your pistol with one hand in an emergency situation. This sight also has a design that can be used with optics. New optics-ready slide accepts all micro-optics especially Trijicon RMRcc. METE SFx PRO uses a sight set consisting of a tritium front sight and blacked out rear sight has a 146 mm (5.74 inch) threaded barrel with thread protecter cap.
METE SF 15 rounds NA * 182 mm 7.17” 133,5 mm 5.26” 37 mm 1.46” 103,5 mm 4.08” 745 gr 26,28oz * Slide Stop, Magazine Catch
TP9 SF METE-S 15 rounds NA * 182 mm 7.17” 133,5 mm 5.26” 37 mm 1.46” 103,5 mm 4.08” 745 gr 26,28oz * Slide Stop, Magazine Catch, Manuel Safety
METE SFx 18-20 rounds NA * 210,5 mm 8.29” 145mm 5.70” 36mm 1,41” 132mm 5,2” 832g 0.14oz * Slide Stop Lever, Magazine Catch
METE SFT 18-20 rounds NA * 192mm 7,56” 145mm 5,70” 36mm 1,41” 113.5mm 4.46" 789g 0.14oz * Slide Stop Lever, Magazine Catch
METE SFT PRO 18-20 Rounds NA 206,5 mm 8.12" 146 mm 5.74" 38 mm 1.5" 127mm 5.0" 828 g 1.82 lb
METE SFx PRO 18-20 Rounds NA 225,5 mm 8.87" 146 mm 5.74" 38 mm 1.5" 146 mm 5.74" 876 g 1.88 lb
METE MC9 12 Rounds NA 155mm 6.1" 115mm 4.52" (w /12rds empty mag.) 28.5mm 1.12" 81 mm 3.18" 603 gr ±4 gr (w /12rds empty mag.) 21.27 oz. ±0.14 oz. (w /12rds empty mag.)
METE MC9 TAC 12 Rounds NA 171mm 6.73" 138mm 5,43" (w /12rds empty mag.) 28.5mm 1.12" 96,5mm 3.8" 618 gr ±4 gr (w /12rds empty mag.) 21.8 oz. ±0.14 oz. (w /12rds empty mag.)
METE SC 12-15 rounds N/A 170mm 6.70” 127mm 5.00” 36mm 1.41” 91.5mm 3.60” 708gr 25oz

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